Local businesses also need to optimize their digital marketing

Increased consumer use of mobile over the past decade has enabled advertisers to use digital experiences to connect with people authentically and in real time. And while this change has given companies new opportunities to find relevant audiences and drive growth, it has also created more complexity.

While large corporations are able to dedicate entire departments and large budgets to mobile-optimized digital campaigns, franchise owners and local businesses must manage limited resources, a lack of knowledge sharing, and a lack of sufficient technology to optimize their investments.

Digital investing is a must

Consider the fact that there has been a 13.6% increase in the average time spent on mobile in 2020, with people spending more than four hours a day on their mobile device, according to eMarketer. This represents a third of the total time spent on the media. Additionally, a 2020 Facebook-commissioned study of 12,063 people aged 18 and older found that two out of three global customers say their mobile device is quickly becoming their most important shopping tool.

We believe that to reach new customers and engage existing customers, businesses must break through with personalized messaging and original creative optimized for the mobile experience and tailored to each audience. This can require significant investments to build digital marketing teams, develop and optimize creative performance, and understand.

The local challenge

Local businesses, defined as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are part of a larger national brand, such as agents, dealers, franchisees and owners, face unique complexities when developing their digital marketing strategies. Of course, their national channels support new customer growth through multi-channel branding and direct response campaigns; however, reaching additional local customers requires an additional layer of digital investment.

With smaller teams and limited budgets, local businesses and franchises often have to make compromises that affect their channel mix and creative development. Creating and managing bespoke campaigns for digital channels can require skills and time that many of these companies don’t have.

And while local businesses have varied access to their national brand teams, they often don’t have access to the continuous learnings and best practices that their counterparts have from large-scale campaigns with multiple creative iterations. This leaves many local marketing teams alone to determine best practices, with limited data.

Additionally, unlike their national counterparts, many of these small businesses lack visibility into their performance because they don’t have access to the same level of measurement or tracking. Sophisticated measurement tools can require significant investment and a level of scale that these companies may not have.

The partner solution

Although they face challenges while trying to navigate their digital investments, there are great resources available to help local businesses succeed.

Specialists such as Meta trading partners offer local businesses a way to maximize their resources and create campaigns that leverage best practices and target additional audiences that their national brands may not be targeting. Through these partners, local businesses can tap into knowledge and technology to create effective creativity and scale beyond their own capabilities.

Like Paul Elliott, CEO of Tiger Pistol (a Meta Business Partner) explains, “We help local businesses overcome their challenges to create dynamic on-brand social campaigns with mobile-first creatives while helping them optimize in real-time to maximize performance.”

Partners take some of the complexity off the shoulders of local businesses, allowing them to reap the benefits of digital enablement without the investment of a large corporation. From strategy to creative development, performance measurement to campaign optimization, partners offer a range of services all designed to help local businesses grow.

As digital and mobile continue to grow, it’s critical that local businesses adapt their strategies to find and engage relevant audiences.


To learn more about how to start accelerating your local strategy today, watch interviews with businesses like yours on Meta’s Local Business Solutions Page.