L’Oréal moves from product marketing to content marketing with pro series

Diving brief:

  • L’Oréal Professionnel has launched “Run The Hair Show”, a seven-episode online video series about the cultural impact of hairdressing, according to details emailed to Marketing Dive. Produced in collaboration with the Publicis Luxe agency, the show premiered on May 16 and offers interviews, lessons, tips and more.
  • The show was conceived and produced as a television show and is hosted by designer Charlie le Mindu, color specialist Min Kim and fashion journalist Peggy Frey. Each episode is 30-45 minutes long on YouTube and available in six languages.
  • “Run The Hair Show” sees L’Oréal shift its marketing focus from product to content in order to better engage with hair professionals who buy its products bypassing traditional channels.

Overview of the dive:

L’Oréal Professionnel’s “Run Le Hair Show” aims to reach hairdressers around the world who purchase its salon-designed products. Instead of product marketing, the digital-only series uses content marketing to forge deeper connections with its consumers than is possible with traditional advertising channels. The show was developed with Publicis Luxe, a full-service agency of the Publicis Group that focuses on luxury brands.

In-person hair salons have long been a part of the professional hairdressing industry. However, with events in many industries going virtual over the past year, L’Oreal Professional’s new show responds to that tradition while addressing the surge in online viewing that has increased during the pandemic. Although people are starting to prepare for in-person events again, virtual events are likely to last beyond the health crisis.

By developing “Run The Hair Show” as a TV show, L’Oréal can offer a mix of technical courses, interviews, advice, trend analysis and hair science tutorials in a multi- segments familiar to most viewers. With its three hosts, the show adds an influencer component that’s popular with younger consumers, especially among Gen Zers, 44% of whom made a purchase decision based on an influencer’s recommendation, according to a report. 2020 Kantar consumer study.

The brand’s transition to content marketing follows industry-wide trends around the format. Marketers increased their spending on content marketing before the pandemic and are expected to continue that spending, according to a survey by the Association of National Advertisers and the Content Council. Marketers spend 20% of their digital ad budgets on branded content and influencer marketing combined, which is a larger portion of digital marketing budgets than any other category, according to a survey by Advertiser Perceptions.

As L’Oréal Professionnel focuses on content marketing, the company’s consumer-facing brand continues to roll out augmented reality (AR) tools, especially as the pandemic has limited or altered the times people were wearing makeup. L’Oréal USA launched the first AR beauty lenses for Snap’s desktop app in April, while L’Oréal Paris introduced its first virtual makeup line for Instagram, Snapchat, Snap Camera and Google Duo in November.