‘Luxury’ brain health brand signs content marketing partnership

Called BrainLuxury, the brand is the brainchild of German entrepreneur Axel Bouchon, PhD, who co-founded the brand based on the idea that luxury is an experience that begins in the brain. With adequate sleep that comes from having the brain fueled with the proper nutrients, Bouchon said he believes all users of his company’s products can achieve this state.

Bouchon, who holds a doctorate in organic chemistry and immunology from the University of Tübingen in Germany, has ticked a number of entrepreneurial boxes during his career, including stints at Bayer and Moderna. Bouchon is also the founder of BrainGames, Inc., which markets word game apps. He also recently joined investment firm ARCH Venture Partners, which invests in “disruptive” biotech companies.

BrainLuxury markets a liquid dietary supplement that includes a full suite of ingredients related to brain health.

Specific oils for brain health

The company’s flagship product, marketed under the Delta brand, is a liquid supplement presented as a drink packaged in individual screw-top bottles resembling test tubes. The product aims to induce “natural sleep” with a formula that avoids the popular ingredient melatonin.

The ingredient list includes an “oil phase” which includes 560 mg of DHA, 280 mg of EPA from seaweed as well as medium chain triglycerides, omega-9 fatty acids and alpha-linoleic acid.

“If you want to fuel and nutrient your brain, you have to have fat, no matter how simple,” Bouchon said. “We want to deliver those oils and fatty acids that are essential for building your brain.”

The “water phase” of the supplement includes lemon and lime juice as a flavor enriched with vitamins C, D and E as well as magnesium. The instructions call for mixing the liquid before consumption because the manufacturer has not emulsified the product. The product also includes the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to neurotransmitters. BrainLuxury claims to have filed a patent on the formula, which is pending.

The product’s “luxury” positioning extends down to price, which ranges from $75 for a 7-day starter kit all the way up to $240 for a monthly subscription. The company claims to be developing a “focus” product for launch later this year.

Content Marketing Partner

BrainLuxury has partnered with MediaPlanet to “to raise awareness of the science of deep sleep and brain health”,​ and to publicize how the Delta product “was designed as a nutritional dietary supplement to help replenish nutrients to the brain and allow it to naturally achieve a state of deep sleep.”

MediaPlanet is a content marketing organization that claims to provide scientifically accurate, high-impact news placements to its clients. The company says it cooperates with experts from the Cleveland Clinic, American Society for Preventative Cardiology, American College of Cardiology and others. The company also cites relationships with influential celebrities such as actresses Angela Bassett and Kristin Chenoweth, cookbook author Rachel Ray and former NFL star Brandon Marshall.