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Today, everything is digital, to the point that even the economy relies heavily on information and communication technologies. In the same way, digital marketing is slowly taking over the world of marketing and advertising. For all business owners looking for a foolproof strategy to attract, impress and convert more leads online and get results, trust only Mach 1 Design.

Mach 1 Design prides itself on being able to provide a full suite of digital marketing services with speed, value, and ultimate convenience. What sets them apart from other agencies is their commitment to being results-oriented, where they recognize that their job is to provide their clients with more ideal clients and ensure that their business makes more money. At Mach 1 Design, they quickly learn a brand’s unique value proposition and unfair advantage in order to solve the ideal customer problem, and create a digital marketing strategy to gain local visibility and disintermediate the competition.

Mach 1 Design definitely takes digital marketing to the next level. Their technology-based marketing services are guaranteed to help businesses grow leads, calls, and revenue online. To date, they have generated over 100,000 qualified leads, generating over 75,000 qualified calls through client websites.

In fact, just recently the team at Mach 1 Design was able to make an instrumental breakthrough for their client, maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Larry Wolford in Dallas, TX. In particular, their approach was to improve the UX/UI of Dr. Larry Wolford’s website, which resulted in record website traffic of over 18,868 new user visits, or 534% in just 90 days. . This statistic has steadily increased and grown by more than 3,000 new users per month. On top of that, Dr. Larry Wolford’s website conversions also increased by 853 phone calls and emails (263%), and his new patient count increased by 25%, resulting in a 25% increase. % of number of new surgeries and overall practice volume.

“Mach 1 Design took care of everything for us. Our new website is spectacular! We couldn’t be happier with the immediate increase in web traffic and the conversion of new leads into patients. Mach 1 Design is fast, thorough, cost-effective, and knows digital marketing like no other agency we’ve used. Our experience definitely exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Mach 1 Design and give them five stars plus,” added Dr. Larry Wolford. Even his wife and Chief of Staff was impressed with Mach 1 Design. Denise reports that 40% of calls and emails received through their new website, designed by Mach 1 Design, result in new paying patients.

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Mach 1 Design is a full-service digital marketing agency, helping clients attract, impress and convert more leads online and accelerate results.

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