Majority of Marketers Doing Moderately or Less Successfully with Content Marketing in 2021

Although many marketers have made content a key part of their strategies, new research indicates that not everyone is successful in this area.

SEMrush recently released “The State of Content Marketing” report, and stats suggest the majority of marketers (39%) had only “some success” using content marketing in 2021. About 33% had “moderate success” and 9% were “completely unsuccessful”.

In terms of challenges, most marketers (41%) cited difficulty attracting leads with their content. Around 39% said they struggled to drive traffic and promote their content, while 31% said they found it difficult to develop content that resonated with their audience.

However, marketers aren’t giving up on content marketing just yet. Nearly 45% said their goal is to increase brand awareness through content this year, while 37% want to drive more traffic to their website. About 36% would like to generate additional leads.

Finding Content Marketing Success with Video

As marketers look to improve their content strategies, previous research indicates that many are turning to video to do just that.

Vidyard and the Content Marketing Institute have partnered to conduct the “Survey of Video Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling” and data suggests that 88% of marketers are now using video for content marketing. However, many are still newcomers to their field, with most marketers (38%) saying they’ve only been leveraging video content for 1-4 years.

About 83% of marketers say video has become more important to their business over the past two years, and 71% are getting at least “average results” with their video content.