ManyChat Launches WhatsApp Chat Marketing Automation

San Francisco, Calif., May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — May 11, 2022—ManyChat, the leading global chat marketing platform for 1.5 million businesses worldwide, today announced the launch of WhatsApp Chat Marketing Automation. The new channel offering will allow businesses and brands that use WhatsApp to communicate with customers and automate their marketing and customer support.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide and over 175 million people message a business using WhatsApp every day. As WhatsApp’s user base continues to grow, particularly in key geographies such as Europe, South America and Asia, it is essential for businesses to communicate with their consumers in a way that suits them. Using WhatsApp Automation, businesses can now easily automate campaigns to boost sales, answer common questions, or quickly transfer customers to live chat agents.

As an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, ManyChat enables WhatsApp messaging using WhatsApp Business API. This technology ensures stable performance across all platform features, including:

  • Increase in leads: Businesses now have the ability to turn WhatsApp interactions with potential customers into leads and ultimately increase sales. Businesses can route paid traffic directly to their WhatsApp bot and recommend the best matching product/service in a personalized way.
  • Capturing important customer information: Businesses can easily and conveniently capture critical customer contact information, such as emails and phone numbers, directly into the app. With this information, businesses can now build a complete customer profile and deliver a personalized experience based on past preferences.
  • Stellar Customer Support: Users can save time by creating automated responses to customer questions and quickly raise concerns that typically require administrator attention. By decreasing the time spent with support agents and shortening response times, customer satisfaction will increase.
  • Unlimited incoming conversations: With WhatsApp’s recent platform change, businesses now have access to unlimited customer-initiated conversations without Facebook Business Verification.
  • Re-engagement after 24 hours: The ability to re-engage customers after 24 hours captures more leads, achieves unprecedented open and conversion rates, and sends more promotional broadcasts.

“After a successful beta program, we are excited to officially launch WhatsApp Automation,” said ManyChat CEO Mike Yan. “Helping businesses build meaningful relationships with customers is core to our mission and over the past three months we’ve seen a 70% increase in customers interested in using WhatsApp automation, a strong indicator of usage that we expect to see now that the product is live.

For more information, visit ManyChat’s WhatsApp product page.

About ManyChat

ManyChat is the world’s leading chat marketing platform, helping nearly 1.5 million businesses in 156 countries engage and support billions of their customers in real time and at scale through conversations on Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram , Telegram, SMS, Email. ManyChat was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco with venture capital funding from Bessemer Venture Partners. Learn more at or follow the company on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Twitter.