Marketing Automation Boosts Customer Loyalty, Says WebEngage – News

Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of WebEngage and his team. — Photo provided

An influential SaaS entrepreneur, Singh co-founded WebEngage with Ankit Utreja and was featured in Mashable’s “Top 10 Emerging Startups from India”.

Published: Sat 9 Apr 2022, 4:05 PM

Last update: Sat 9 Apr 2022, 4:07 PM

Customer retention has always been a business imperative and has become a niche unto itself, pursued by those looking to build customer loyalty through lifecycle engagement,” said Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of WebEngage. , a full-service provider specializing in customer retention, engagement and automation.

An influential SaaS entrepreneur, Singh co-founded WebEngage with Ankit Utreja in 2011 and was listed in Mashable’s “Top 10 Emerging Startups from India”.

Retention-Driven MarTech Empowers Businesses in the Middle East

Earlier this year, eXtra, Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing retail brand, reported a 33% increase in purchases through localized user engagement campaigns. Egyptian Gourmet, another retailer, reported a 20% increase in customer retention. Both brands had adopted WebEngage’s comprehensive retention operating system, which leverages data to enable hyper-personalized marketing. The results have also fueled WebEngage’s growth, profitability and expansion in recent months.

“We recently ventured into South Africa and Nigeria, expanding our regional presence beyond our existing operations in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar. We did this because of our growing reach, underpinned by the quantifiable value we were able to unlock for our existing customers like eXtra and Gourmet. We also have government projects in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which reflects the need and relevance of industry-wide retention marketing,” Singh explained.

The digitization of marketing is an ongoing process, with many CMOs and CXOs still operating with outdated technologies and associated practices. Soon, with the rise of digital consumerism, brands that don’t equip their marketing teams with new technologies run the risk of customer churn and disengagement. “Marketing automation is rewriting retention rules. So if you’re a brand that believes in retention-driven growth, technology adoption should be your first order of business,” Singh said.

Banking and monetary institutions strive to optimize customer journeys and build loyalty through personalized communication around investment and financial services. A Martech stack will also automate tedious manual operations that hinder efficient service delivery. And with the post-pandemic recovery in full swing in the Middle East, previously disrupted sectors like retail and tourism will revamp their customer engagement strategies, this time with new tools of commerce.

Businesses are now more compelled to create a technology-driven culture rather than simply being supported by technology. As a result, AI-based personalization is becoming commonplace, from live video commerce to WhatsApp marketing. [email protected]