Marketing Automation Will Hit $4.7 Billion Worldwide by 2028

Brands want to deliver multi-channel marketing strategies and personalized content at scale.

Posted: June 1, 2022

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Marketing automation tools are embraced by brands to help them deliver the personalized and seamless experiences their target audiences expect.

The global marketing automation market is expected to grow from $2.75 billion last year to nearly $4.71 billion in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% during this period, according to a report by Valuates.

The report reveals that email marketing automation will take the largest market share at just over 32% and geographically North America will dominate with nearly 54% share of the global market.

What stimulates growth?

According to the report, several factors are influencing the automation boom, namely the growing internet penetration, the digital transformation of the industry and the increased use of mobile devices.

How do brands use marketing automation?

The shift to digital during the pandemic is prompting marketers, both business-to-consumer and business-to-business, to invest in tools to help them deliver multi-channel marketing strategies and personalized content at scale. , says the report.

Automation can simplify processes in multi-channel strategies, such as social media messaging, lead generation and development, customer experience management, and email marketing.

“Automation is one of the must-have marketing strategies for your business if you want to work smart and grow,” Attrock founder Gaurav Sharma said in a recent SmartBrief article. “Automation can not only increase your team’s productivity, but also increase your conversion rate,” Sharma wrote.

The key players

The report provides a list of major industry players, such as HubSpot, SAP, Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe Systems, LeadSquared, IBM, Oracle, and Infusionsoft.

Marketing agency executives offer their tips on helpful automation tools in this Forbes article, including Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Bambu for social media automation and LinkedIn automations for driving B2B connections.

The future of marketing automation

Automated marketing solutions will grow at a rapid pace due to huge demand from marketers, the report predicts.

Chatbots in particular are expected to see a surge in popularity due to their ability to capture customer data and as advances in technology make onboarding easier.

Additionally, marketing campaigns will be boosted by new forms of big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will help predict trends.

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