Media.Monks acquires Italian content marketing agency Miyagi

Milan-based content marketing agency Miyagi will merge with Media.Monks, expanding the network’s footprint in Italy.

The deal will bring 70 new employees and customers such as Campari, Danone, Red Bull and Xiaomi to the roster of the S4 Capital-owned network.

In a statement, S4 Capital Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell said: “We are delighted to welcome Francesco, Tommaso, Felice, Giuseppe and Francesco to Media.Monks and S4Capital. We look forward to developing an even stronger content practice in Italy to complement our data and digital media practice and form a foundation for technology services, building on the impressive success Miyagi has already had and expanding our base. in western continental Europe.

The agency will be known as Miyagi.Monks under the name of the network.

Francesco Bragonzi, President and Co-Founder of Miyagi, said, “On behalf of the partners, we are thrilled to join Media.Monks and look forward to taking its disruptive model to the next level here in Italy. Being part of a company that shares the same vision that we have followed since the beginning was a unique and unmissable opportunity for us and we look forward to starting this incredible new adventure and sharing this new path with our customers. We also really want to share the excitement of this moment with our employees who made this possible and who will be on the front lines of this new ride.

Founded in 2013 by partners Francesco Bragonzi, Francesco Menichini, Tommaso Marucchi, Felice Arborea and Giuseppe Azzone, Miyagi has grown from a production company to offering strategy, research and data services to clients.

Victor Knaap, Managing Director of Media.Monks EMEA and Executive Director of S4 Capital, said the company resembles Media.Monks itself. “Miyagi is significantly expanding our content practice in Italy, giving us deeper creative, production and social capabilities that we can immediately put to work for our Italian clients.

“On top of that, Miyagi’s work and management team are very similar to Media.Monks a few years ago and we’ve gotten along since the first moment we met.

“With nearly 100 Monks in the Italian market and a clear focus on digital creative craftsmanship, I believe we will achieve great things together.”

S4 Capital recently posted a strong performance in the third quarter, with the company predicting that it would exceed its target of increasing gross margin by 40% for the full year.