Message, Medium, Method: How Radio Delivers Information-Driven Content Marketing

Moviegoers will certainly remember the line “If you build it, they’ll come” from Kevin Costner’s 1989 Field of Dreams, or the later reference in 1993’s iconic Wayne’s World 2, “If you book ’em, they’ll come.” “.

However, many would agree that these so-called “spray and pray” tactics are best confined to the world of fantasy.

“Prescribing without a diagnosis is malpractice” is a common phrase used by the medical fraternity, but it has also, over the years, applied to business and marketing.

If the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed – find out what people want, give it to them, and tell them you gave it to them – then how come there are still so many ” clutter” when it comes to generating content and marketing what?

The media and marketing are constantly delivering new buzzwords. For example, we think of terms like “big data”, “sentiment analysis”, “SEO”, then words like “conversions”, “engagement”, “organic” and even “content” which have taken new meanings in an ever-changing media marketing landscape.

What exactly is content? From the late 2000s, the word seems to have taken on a slightly new meaning with the concept mostly being used in the context of media and by the late 2010s having something to do with influencers on social media.

A quick search brings up the Wikipedia definition, referenced as used in “publishing, art and communication” where “content is information and experiences that are directed to an end user or audience; something expressed through a medium.

Content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute, could therefore be understood as a “strategic marketing approach focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately , to generate profitable customer action”. ”. So, instead of presenting products or services, advertisers provide relevant and useful content to prospects and customers to help them solve problems or enrich their lives.

Radio and consumer insights

Radio is a brilliant marketing choice because it not only provides broadcast advertising and all of its benefits, but also digital advertising with its targeting capabilities, experiential marketing, influence or endorsement capabilities, and it can through using technology, harnessing valuable real-time consumer insights.

An hour on the radio, especially in a music-focused commercial format, always gives audiences an unparalleled entertainment experience – music curated to their liking, bursts of relevant lifestyle information (yes, not n whatever news, traffic, weather updates are delivered, it must have value for the primary audience or target market) and engaging features, which often include chances to win or reach out and connect with other listeners and subscribers.

This highly engaged audience is ready to receive brand messaging to stay ahead and respond to advertising calls to action.

Promotions worked so well on OFM that advertisers had to pull campaigns because they ran out of stock much earlier than expected.

However, in a highly competitive market, your message can get lost among other 30-second spots. Going beyond ad breaks can give a brand more “direct” access to potential customers.

Message, medium and method

And, radio has actually been providing content marketing for decades.

For example, a law firm can boost its reputation by providing helpful advice on legal issues that consumers are unsure of, such as what their child support rights are or how to buy property as a group. of owners.

Niche products or services or even products with broad appeal but need to better reach a certain market segment can also benefit from content marketing. For example, a fast food brand targeting young consumers might sponsor a trendy celebrity music segment in a program.

Your combination of marketing (product, promotion, price, place, people, process, and physical evidence) and promotion (advertising, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling) always applies with these considerations:

  • Message – what are you saying to whom (the message “is it in line with the market”?)
  • Medium – what platform do you “speak” on (live stream, TV show, blog posts, social media)?
  • Method – how is this message delivered (text, video, audio)?

Additionally, in order to reach your desired audience with the desired effect, you need to consider how the information you want to convey will be organized, filtering only what is important to them and translated into a “language” they understand. , all with the goal of creating meaning that has value for them, as well as for the advertiser.

This is what is meant when it is said that the primary goal of content marketing is to “nurture the lead” as part of a “long-term process” with the end result being “sales and conversions,” as Semrush explains. A single piece of content, interview or article does not constitute a campaign and the sales funnel approach still applies. For each part, top, middle, bottom, it is recommended that some type of content marketing be applied at the awareness, evaluation and purchase stage.

But beware, one size does not fit all. Only campaigns that relay universal truths with simple executions can succeed as “open” or national campaigns. Trust the various radio brands to know their audiences well enough to understand how messages and performances need to be modified to leverage them to provide sufficient response to your investment in greater reach.

Know the menu

Even worse than being an order taker is not knowing the menu – selling what doesn’t exist and then being unable to provide a return on investment. At OFM, we believe above all that it is not just about supplying, but about creating value. As a personal trainer, we work with our clients to ensure the most favorable outcome. It won’t always be easy, there will be “solid discussions”, but we will continue to guide and encourage.

We never give up. Your dream is our dream. Why is this important? Radio stations do not operate in a corporate vacuum. They are an integral part of communities. They contribute to the economy. They allow their customers to grow. By delivering value, we not only take care of our own business, but we help others thrive and retain jobs in the marketplace.

We care – tremendously. If it’s all about the bottom line and lined pockets, then opt for an “icy” medium that doesn’t offer a direct point of contact between a brand and an existing or potential customer.

Radio has heart and OFM is at the heart of central South Africa, at the heart of what our listeners want and need. We are constantly researching and modifying our offerings to remain the most important media and marketing partner in the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and Southern Gauteng. We extend this heartfelt invitation to all of our existing and potential clients to join us in idea driven marketing to get the most out of this booming region.

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