Modern B2B organizations are turning to ‘Lo-Fi’ content, interactivity, personalization and repurposing to engage buyers in an oversaturated digital world

Content has always been king, but it took a pandemic to remind us how essential good digital content is for B2B brands to connect with audiences. According to research by Demand generation report, 61% of marketers rank content marketing as one of their most important tactics for engaging prospects, generating leads and revenue, personalizing account-based strategies, and maintaining buyer-seller relationships.

However, with the industry releasing more content than ever before, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Buyers’ inboxes are flooded with invitations to virtual events, sales pitches and gated content offers promising to help them meet business challenges – the “spray-and-pray” approach to content and messaging will no longer suffice.

This report will explore strategies and tactics that help B2B organizations capture public attention, engage online shoppers, and differentiate them from competition in a digitally driven world, including:

  • The increased use of highly engaging and more human “lo-fi” content;
  • Key tactics to personalize and personalize the content experience;
  • Why interactive content is the new, more engaging PDF;
  • How marketers overhauled their content creation processes to focus on SEO and buyer needs; and
  • The power and value of repurposing content from existing formats, digital experiences and virtual events to reach wider audiences.