Namogoo acquires e-commerce marketing automation company Remarkety

Remarkety provides retailers with highly intelligent and personalized email and SMS campaigns to engage online shoppers. This will be Namogoo’s second acquisition in just over a year.

Namogoo, the Continuity of the digital journey Platform, today announced its acquisition of Remarkety, a leading provider of data-driven marketing automation solutions. This is Namogoo’s second strategic merger and acquisition after acquiring Personali in early 2020.

Acquisition of Remarkety, an e-commerce marketing automation company serving more than 500 global brands, will allow Namogoo to provide a complete solution Continuity of the digital journey by engage customers with hyper-personalized multi-channel experiences both on and off site. The acquisition will also allow Namogoo to enter the SMB market in which Remarkety is well established, furthering the company’s strategy of serving brands of all sizes.

Namogoo enables retailers to shape each shopper’s digital customer journey by determining their intent in real time, providing them with the right individualized experience to entice them to purchase, while ensuring that distractions disappear. Namogoo will now add hyper-targeted SMS and email campaigns to its solution, propelling customers into action.

“Remarkety’s product is a perfect fit for our platform, helping us provide retailers with the tools they need to deliver unstoppable customer journeys,” said Chimi Katz, CEO and co-founder of Namogoo. “Adding Remarkety’s unique technology allows us to equip brands with multi-channel experiences, engaging shoppers wherever they are in their journey.”

“We are thrilled to join a company that shares our vision for the future of e-commerce,” said Guy Harel, CEO and co-founder of Remarkety. “With Namogoo, we have the resources and proprietary technology to take email and SMS to the next level with predictive intent personalization. The synergy between products and businesses is truly amazing and will allow us to deliver quickly delivering value to retailers around the world,” added Joel PresmanRemarkety GM and co-founder.

“With the acquisition of Remarkety, our second in just over a year, Namogoo continues its goal of hyper-growth through the addition of new solutions and technologies that deliver maximum value to our customers,” said CTO and co-founder Ohad Greenshpan. “We plan to continue to enter new markets by pursuing additional acquisition opportunities that serve our vision.”

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