News Corp Australia investigates huge content marketing opportunity for brands

Brands have a significant opportunity to improve their content marketing, with research from News Corp Australia revealing that only 34% of Australians believe brands meet their content needs.

The Power of Brand Content study, which surveyed 1,000 Australians, was commissioned by the publisher’s content agencies; Medium Rare, Storyation and Suddenly, and was conducted by analytics and strategy consultancy Crowd DNA.

The study found that awareness of brand content and engagement is high, with 43% of Australians surveyed engaging with brand content at least daily, 73% engaging with brand content mark every week and this increases to 90% for 18 to 24 year olds.

Brand content also drives brand preference, with three out of four consumers feeling more positive towards a brand that provides them with valuable content.

“Consumers really understand and appreciate content marketing,” says Mike Connaghan, managing director of business content at News Corp Australia.

“They have allowed brands to present premium content directly to them on their own channels. They expect it to be useful, educational, inspirational and even entertaining – and, if it meets these criteria, branded content will flatten the path to purchase.

“Make no mistake about it, the rise of content marketing represents the kind of opportunity for brands to turn their customers into fans. As research indicates, consumers are now marketing savvy and they see the two-way exchange of utility content as a win-win. “Advertising is selling, content is telling.”

However, only 34% of Australians surveyed believe brands meet their content needs, opening up a “huge” opportunity for brands and content marketers to improve their offering.

Crowd DNA’s general manager for APAC, Elyse Pigram, says shifts in consumer expectations, accelerated by COVID, are driving demand for branded content.

“In a post-COVID world, exploring new ideas and experiences has never been more important, and branded content is becoming key to facilitating new discoveries,” says Pigram.

“70% of consumers agree that branded content has helped them discover new brands and three-quarters expect brands to provide relevant content.”

The study also revealed that branded content is a key entry point into a brand ecosystem for 70% of consumers, two in three agree that branded content makes it easier to decide which brands/products to buy, and 84 % took some form of action (buy, share, follow, save), with 34% purchasing a product, after engaging with a recent piece of branded content.

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