Old school in a new world

2022 is coming, and with it new possibilities to explore in content marketing.

While the opportunities may be plentiful, brands need to prioritize strategies that will yield greater ROI.

Here are two approaches to content marketing, albeit old school, but they still demonstrate greater ROI than most brands think they can! Whether you’re looking to generate leads or increase brand awareness, choosing one of these approaches could still give you the results you want in the short or long term.

1. Nurture leads with email marketing

Having an email newsletter can still prove to be an effective engagement channel. According to research conducted by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 31% of organizations surveyed said email newsletters were their most effective way to nurture leads compared to blog posts and short articles.

But how does the old workhorse still top the list? Email is the most profitable marketing channel because it delivers the brand’s message directly to an already interested audience. They chose to receive the messages, after all.

Another reason is the increasing personalization of content to suit different buyer personas. Email allows brands to do just that and maximize ROI. Additionally, with the advent of automation and buyer persona tools, instant marketing allows marketers to deliver the right message at the right time, tailoring their content to the interests of their target audiences. Email newsletters in combination with social media marketing can provide greater ROI with minimal marketing investment.


2. Lead generation with informative content

Informative content is particularly effective in securing leads. According to research by CMI, webinars and online events were listed as the second most effective way to secure leads. Additionally, creating campaigns using e-books and research reports or guides can act as an effective lead magnet. This should come as no surprise, as more than 47% of B2B buyers rate a service provider on their thought leadership capabilities before signing up for their services.

On-demand webinars can generate significant value over time because they are recorded sessions that the audience can watch at their convenience. Additionally, opinion pieces, blogs, white papers can be used to educate the target audience and empower them to make decisions. Over 89% of B2B marketers used these forms of content assets last year and they continue to see more traction. One thing to keep in mind when using these content formats is to ensure that the content is purely educational and not promotional. It should primarily focus on effectively demonstrating thought leadership. Therefore, marketers should use the right experts in creating these content assets for better ROI.

Creating a webinar and then extending it to other forms of educational content like infographics, checklists, blogs, articles, eBooks can be another approach to maximizing the ROI of that content investment. . This way, you will be able to use the content you have already created to generate more leads, engage the target audience further down the buyer’s journey.

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Increase Content Marketing ROI in 2022

While each new year presents marketers with exciting new opportunities to boost performance, to truly capture ROI in 2022 requires adopting older, proven strategies. Specifically, the content marketing approaches mentioned above always yield great results. By leveraging them in your content marketing strategy, you will be able to gain better brand awareness and thus gain a better market share.