Effective implementation of marketing automation includes software that aligns with your organization’s needs and criteria. 30 second summary: With all the tools and software available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your business. Even if you use automation, your business doesn’t have to be a robot.Read More →

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. Covid-19 has dramatically altered business-to-business marketing plans. As Forrester noted recently, “It’s more than a combination of discrete trends such as rising bounce rates, falling open rates, or rising unsubscribe rates; it’s that buyers now expect a fundamentally different relationship with yourRead More →

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. On the Internet, content is anything that expresses thoughts, information, or experiences in written, visual, or audio form. sunman | Getty Images This article is content. The 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram today are content. The 500 hours of videos uploadedRead More →

There are many ways to foster the connection between your brand and your customers. As co-founder of Firon Marketing, I’ve helped companies successfully grow this connection through social media, a blog, videos, case studies, sample books, and more. With all the different content options, how do you choose what’s bestRead More →

Would you like 15.8 million people to subscribe to your content? What does it take to get that kind of massive, enthusiastic engagement? For many, it looks like a pipe dream. But for TED, the global conference and media organization, exceptional engagement is a reality. Almost all videos posted byRead More →

In today’s crowded social media space, brands need to provide their target audience with a continuous stream of relevant content to stay engaged. Otherwise, the brand gets lost in the white noise of peers and competitors offering their own content. Trapit’s recent study confirms that even though marketers spend moreRead More →