PR News | B2B marketers focus on content marketing, public relations

Technology B2B marketers will turn to content marketing and public relations to fuel their growth this year, according to a new survey from Boston-based Corporate Ink.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of executives and marketers surveyed in the Corporate Ink study said they plan to increase their content marketing investments in 2022, and the same number said that they intended to increase the amount of money spent on public relations. .

Survey respondents were generally optimistic about their 2022 spending. Nearly 7 in 10 (68%) said they would increase their spending on paid digital, 64% planned to spend more on video and 48% said they would spend more on paid digital. said they would increase their investment in product marketing.

Areas where spending is expected to decline are events (noted by 16% of respondents) and third-party sponsorships (8%).

In terms of marketing goals, lead generation topped the list, with 76% calling it one of their top priorities. Increasing brand awareness was cited as a top concern by 48% and improving pipeline conversions was cited by 36%.

Corporate Ink Survey: Evolution of marketing investments in 2022

Respondents are also considering a wide range of strategies to achieve their content marketing goals. More than four in 10 (44%) plan to invest in interactive and experiential content, while 40% plan to spend on customer experience and journey mapping, 38% consider paid targeting, and 32% have said their plans include podcasting. .

Respondents also confirmed the continued benefits of PR initiatives, with 72% saying it helps increase brand value and awareness. Six in 10 (60%) believe PR plays an important role in educating the market on their approach, 32% believe PR helps in hiring and retaining talent, and 24% said ‘they help attract the attention of investors.

When it comes to the kind of skills marketers are looking for to help them achieve their goals, messaging and storytelling, campaign development and strategy, and content writing and development surpass areas of expertise related to technology such as data and analytics, SEO and digital. .

“Prospering in 2022,” the study authors write, “will require intentional strategy; strong investment in messaging, content and PR; and a hybrid team of internal and external marketers. »