Real Estate Content Marketing in 2022 | REM

The online marketing toolkit for sales reps hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years. We saw some improvements in reliability and automation. Online advertising seems to be getting by, slowly. Websites are becoming more standardized and continue to be centralized under major brands. Things will likely be the same for 2022.

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There is a large group of do-it-yourselfers who are still setting the pace in many ways by finding new and innovative ways to reach consumers. This group isn’t necessarily tech-savvy – they just know how to relate the marketing principles from the textbooks to the tools they have.

Personal branding took off around 2010 and has since become a mainstay of real estate marketing. Beautiful logos, professionally written website content, and digital sales funnels associated with CRMs have become the norm. the harvard business review called successful digital brands “adaptable.” How to introduce flexibility into your brand?

Flexibility can be developed with four distinct processes: reward, reach, cadence, and lead development.

The reward for the purchase can take many forms. Consumers may request a discount or other incentive to sign up or buy from your business. However, many are happy to receive the fulfillment of your promise of fiduciary duty, in all its dimensions. This opens the door to other forms of rewards that can be more appreciated and more easily marketed. For example, offering rebates and moving coupons to customers of suppliers with whom you have negotiated a rebate. It might be more effective when the whole office participates. A seller is more likely to give a permanent discount to a brokerage than to an individual.

An accessible brand appeals to the greatest number of consumers, via a layered service for example. In some areas, advertising a simple listing service will attract salespeople who, over time, could convert to a full-commission contract. Make your website content appealing to young and first-time buyers. This cohort has the best long-term earnings compared to other groups. Discussing the fiduciary in your marketing materials makes the unknown world of homeownership much more accessible.

Cadence requires a constant stream of news and relevant content for your website visitors. One way is to develop the blog area of ​​a website. Blogs are sometimes called ezines because they provide regular content with cadence or modulation. Cadence is the inflection that gives an article its “voice”. The increased voice variability makes your content more appealing to a wider audience without abandoning the main group.

Sales reps may complain that they don’t have enough time or writing skills to create engaging posts. Hiring a student for a few hours each month is a win-win for a young English student and time-pressed businessman. Alternatively, licensed content can be an affordable option.

Lead development makes your brand sticky. The problem for most people is that it takes time to learn a CRM and some people think their list is too small to be effective. In the short term, that might be true, but in the long term, an email list is one of the cheapest content marketing strategies available. Google and Facebook ads are something like 10 times more expensive for the same results.

One overlooked area of ​​content marketing is often the listings themselves. Data opacity is the semi-transparent barrier between the consumer and the home they want. There is a huge demand for niche properties that consumers cannot access due to opacity. By creating pages on your site for niche properties, such as log homes or modular housing estates, you are actually creating a powerful marketing campaign.

A real example is a seller who created a page for a popular niche home search on Google. It became the most popular page on his site and all the traffic was free thanks to organic SEO. Some website providers will allow you to put content around the listings so that they can be featured and discussed on their merit. It’s called personality marketing because you’re appealing to a certain consumer demographic or lifestyle.

The real estate website boom time has settled into a routine of trying and throwing in search of something that works. Consider that what you may already have will work with a few tweaks. A series of small improvements can affordably increase your content marketing and brand. Marketing is a long game, so pace your entries for long-term success.