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In the age of online shopping, digital marketing companies are using the potential of AI to improve customer experience in online stores.

By Raghav Bagai

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes our daily life more efficient in multiple ways that are used behind the scenes in our daily lives. It helps us assist in everything we do, from suggestive text in emails to self-driving cars, from digital assistants to online shopping.

One of the perfect examples of AI is Alexa and Siri becoming more and more humorous, evolving and becoming more human. The power of AI has a great influence on human activities and has become an inescapable part of our lives, just like digital marketing for brands.

According to one of McKinsey Digital’s global surveys, digital marketing tactics powered by AI capabilities have propelled the world five years later in consumer and business digital adoption. Everything has moved online, including banks launching digital customer outreach, groceries, education, doctor visits, and more. Amid digital transformation, the adoption of AI in digital marketing has built a system that works with intelligence to automate processes that were once dependent on human labor.

AI and digital marketing
With the advent of new era technologies, creative agencies are harnessing the potential of new era technologies to enhance the customer journey. AI has become one of the most sought-after technologies in today’s marketing world. According to a Garnet survey, 37% of organizations use AI to improve their digital performance. AI plays a vital role in increasing the return on investment (ROI) of companies that launch their digital brand campaigns. It works well with machine learning algorithms to collect and analyze data and gain additional insights to tap into the right target audience in the right way at the right time.

The job of the brand manager has become much more difficult given the situation in which the role will not only have to obtain information from primary data, but also from Big Data…

With this information, it has become easier for digital marketing companies to deal with customer pain points more effectively. It takes the guesswork out of developing customer interaction strategies. The most common applications of AI in digital marketing are in content generation, PPC ads, web design, and now video marketing.AI for product recommendations
In the age of online shopping, digital marketing companies are using the potential of AI to improve customer experience in online stores. From product recommendations to service recommendations, the power of AI data collection and analysis delivers personalized recommendations to customers. For example, Amazon uses AI to display only relevant products to shoppers, based on previous searches, purchases, and views. This can increase the likelihood that a shopper will make a first purchase or become a repeat customer, as the personalized experience is highly sought after.

New era marketers are leveraging AI to predict customer behavior and analyze customer needs to
improve the customer experience. For example, YouTube offers personalized music recommendations based on previously viewed videos on the customer’s account. As a result, AI recommendations play a crucial role in enticing customers to purchase by highlighting the products they are viewing.

Integration of AI chatbots
AI chatbots have proven to be game changers in digital marketing. They excel at quickly answering the most basic and frequently asked customer questions, without involving a human in the initial communication process. It plays a vital role in improving the customer experience with the brand as it empowers customers to help themselves. Additionally, there is no dependency on employees working fixed hours and customer queries can be resolved at any time of the day.

Currently, chatbots help businesses answer basic customer queries. However, this technology does not resolve a customer complaint requiring human intervention. In response to this challenge, digital marketing and AI startups are deploying smart chatbots to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

And after?
As AI evolves the traditional method of marketing, more and more digital marketing companies employ professionals for data analysis and programming. Their skills are known to soon be the backbone of new era digital marketing campaigns aimed at predicting customer behavior for better sales generation.

-The author is co-founder, Sociowash. The opinions expressed are personal.