Should construction companies embrace digital marketing?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – There’s a divide in the industry, many construction business owners and traditional tradespeople still thrive on word of mouth and advertising methods old. Naturally, they see no need to adopt new strategies and can we really discuss? Let’s lay out the facts and compare the traditional methods to the new digital marketing techniques…

Leaflets and Flyers Vs Social Media

There is still something to be said for a physical copy of advertising material, whether it is a business card or a document. The problem is that they are only effective if they are given to the right audience, otherwise it is just a waste. Mass flyer printing is not only unsustainable and uneconomical, but also expensive.

The beauty of social media is… it’s free! Yes, you can buy paid ads, but if you regularly post and engage your followers with quality content you won’t need, your pages will speak for themselves and grow organically…especially on Linkedin . Digital marketing and social media pages require commitment, but once you’ve got it right, the results are second to none.

Billboards Vs a Website

There are many benefits to billboards, if you know your demographics you can advertise specifically in relevant areas to target them. You can also invest in new, state-of-the-art digital billboards for a more impressive advertising campaign. On the other hand, they are only temporary. You pay a fee for an ad that is not permanent. You also need to have people who are proactive enough to physically take note of your website or contact information. They are also super expensive.

When you pay to have a website built, yes, it can get expensive, but you basically have it forever. On websites, you can add call-to-action buttons so site visitors can easily reach you if they need your services. You can use digital marketing CRM systems to see where your website traffic is coming from and track leads to see if they convert. With billboards it is extremely difficult to see how many customers you have gained.

Paper Mail vs Online Email Marketing

Have you always sent your monthly and annual newsletters by post? Yes, you may have an older clientele, but there are more people online than ever, especially after the global pandemic. In the UK, 99% of adults aged 16-44 were recent internet users and 54% of adults aged 75+ were also recent.

Not only is email marketing much more environmentally friendly, but it can be free. Even if you have a huge following, on platforms like HubSpot you are entitled to 2,000 free emails per month, if you wanted more you can sign up for a paid plan which will probably cost less than printed newsletters .

Print ads in The Phone Book vs Google Ads

The Yellow Pages ceased circulation around 2019, so it wasn’t long before The Phone Book closed its pages as well. If your customer base is over 75, then maybe the phone book is still somewhere you can advertise, but if not, it’s time to move on to digital marketing…

Google Ads operates through a pay-per-click system. Your ad could appear at the top of the search engine in your specific area i.e. Crane Hire Lancashire. Every time someone clicks on your ad, the search engine charges you a price. The average cost in the UK is £1.95 per click. However, as with any digital marketing technique, all it takes is one good lead to convert and the revenue from that could essentially pay for your ads for the rest of the month, quarter or even year!

Word of mouth against Trustpilot

Word of mouth is extremely powerful; some companies only survive for many years. However, with the influence of websites like and review resources such as TrustpilotInternet users consult the Web far more often than they seek advice from friends or acquaintances.

An online review can reach thousands of people much faster than a verbal recommendation. You can also tag or post the review on your social media or website to attract even more customers. This is where digital marketing can really take your business to a whole new level.

Radio and TV Ads Vs SEO

When it comes to search engines, people are looking for you. With TV and radio commercials, you approach them. Yes, TV and radio stations create phenomenal exposure and you may receive an influx of requests, but will they be your ideal customers? Probably not.

The beauty of search engines is that you can specifically target your perfect customers. Landing pages that contain your ideal location(s) mean you’ll get work or clients from the right area. You can also ensure that all written content on your website is filled with keywords and phrases, which reflect what people who need your services will type into Google.

If you’re not ready to fully immerse yourself in digital marketing just yet, just change a couple of your old ways, get comfortable. You can talk to us for advice on all the digital marketing covered in this article and we can show you proven results for each.