Social media giant to help Kentuckians learn digital marketing skills

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Social media giant, Facebook, has partnered with the Kentucky Career Center here in the Blue Grass to help small businesses grow.

According to the Kentucky Development Workforce, small businesses make up the majority of businesses here in Bluegrass. The Kentucky Career Center identified an area where small businesses needed a little extra help, and that’s where Facebook comes in.

The deadline to register is Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Staci May, Planning and Information Manager for the Bluegrass Workforce Development Zone, said, “It will be very beneficial to use social media, as a way to reach people who don’t have never heard of a new business or a small business.”

Now more than ever, digital marketing is the way to grow an online business. The Kentucky Career Center has recently received more calls from local businesses asking for help promoting better on social media platforms.

“And it’s actually a very economical way to get your name out there,” May said.

The Center researched new and innovative ways to help small businesses in the Bluegrass region, and its board reached out to the largest social media platform Facebook, now rebranded as “Meta.”

“Due to Facebook’s size and popularity, it’s a great starting point for small businesses,” May said.

Meta has a “Career Connection” program that will train Kentuckians in social media and marketing skills.

The training is not only aimed at small businesses, but also at trainees, who will be paid.

“Potential employers and interns will host virtual meetings to learn how to develop social media marketing campaigns,” May said.

Interns will be matched with small businesses that are a perfect fit.

“Bluegrass has six high-demand sectors,” May said. “Advanced manufacturing, construction, information technology, healthcare, transportation/distribution and logistics, child care and education.”

Interns will receive their certification through Meta on their social media training, and the best part of the program is that it will be completely free, paid for by the Kentucky Career Center and Meta.

May said there was still plenty of room.

The deadline is next Tuesday, May 17 for employers and interns.

For more information, visit Career Connections.