Social Media is the New Search Engines: What It Means for Digital Marketing

London, United Kingdom – May 31, 2022 – In its early days, social media was a tool for the direct electronic exchange of information. It was a simple, innovative and effective method of transferring information from one part of the world to another. But, as it has grown from a mere information-sharing tool to the marketing powerhouse it is today, the methods of exposure have been improved and made adaptable. Thanks to this astronomical expansion, social media has enabled brands, users and customers to receive the most relevant information at the click of a link, directly on their phone screen.

Take Instagram as an example. Instagram started as a simple image sharing platform, but in 2022 it is now a social media giant, with more than 1.39 billion monthly active users. To manage and sustain this growth, Instagram uses algorithmic updates to impact audience reach, but also to determine how well a page, image or hashtag is optimized to reach key demographics. So, we should ask, how are social media platforms used as search engines to reach the right audience?

From Social Search to Social Search Engine Optimization

As social media has grown into what it is today, each update reflects its impact as a new search engine to rival Google. The power of social media over brands to improve engagement is paramount, and it is in this potential that social media search engine optimization is crucial for brand success. In November 2020, Instagram rolled out a new update that allowed users to not only search hashtags and locations, but also general keywords. Instagram explains how its search function works, here. There are three key metrics to consider when someone uses the search function: the text they use, account activity, and the popularity of search results. As these updates continue, we can see how social media is truly leveraging its search function to function as a search engine, and not just a basic search tool. Whether it’s pulling data for a well-optimized page to find information about your favorite cooking tips or highlighting popular fitness accounts due to your Instagram activity showing an interest in fitness, these algorithm updates highlight the true potential of an optimized social media strategy. Therefore, social media SEO should always be considered in any marketer’s arsenal.

Talking about how social media platforms are used as search engines, Farhiya Ali, social media manager at The Brains, says:

“With the ever-changing nature of social media platforms, i.e. changes to in-app functionality and changes in algorithms, it’s no surprise that these platforms are now optimized for search. to support creators and marketers. Although social media does not directly contribute to SEO rankings, the links that are distributed on the respective channels influence search engine optimization in terms of content amplification, building brand awareness, trust and credibility, as well as supporting link building and local SEO efforts. – Farhiya Ali, Social Media Manager, The Brains

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