SoftwareReviews User-Named Best Marketing Automation Software Champions for 2022

Marketing automation software helps marketing departments automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media, and ad campaigns. Businesses use marketing automation software to help with lead generation, nurturing, measuring overall campaign ROI, and managing repetitive tasks to reduce human error and save money time to employees.

The best marketing automation software vendors for 2022 have been identified by SoftwareReviews based on verified survey data collected from real end users. These vendors received high scores on the organization’s emotional footprint.

the Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) of each software vendor is the result of ratings of aggregate emotional responses in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of general user sentiment towards the vendor and its product from the perspective of the software user.

The 2022 Enterprise Marketing Automation The software champions are:

  • Braze, +92 NEF, to be extremely effective.
  • Bloomreach, +91 NEF, for respect and exceptional customer service.
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub, +89 NEF, for its kindness and efficiency.

The 2022 Mid-market marketing automation The software champions are:

  • GetResponse, +99 NEF, for the efficiency provided by the supplier during customer service.
  • Ortto, +88 NEF, for including custom executive dashboards.
  • Constant contact email, +92 NEF, to put clients’ interests first.
  • Encharge, +92 NEF, for being transparent in contract negotiation processes.
  • SharpSpring, +89 NEF, to save time on their deliverables.
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub, +89 NEF, was recognized for including custom executive dashboards.
  • ManyChat, +91 NEF, ranked high for demonstrating integrity when resolving disputes.

SoftwareReviews comprehensive software reviews provide the most accurate and detailed view of a complex and ever-changing market. The data comes from actual end users who use the software day in and day out and from IT professionals who have worked closely with it during provisioning, implementation and maintenance.

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