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Kalamazoo, Mich., January 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SPARK Business works acquired Convergent1, a Houston, TX based marketing agency that specializes in providing full-service digital marketing services for high-growth businesses in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and professional services.

convergent1 has distinguished itself by helping its clients make the transition to digital marketing with strategic technical services like SEO and paid digital media, delivering personalized results through an innovative marketing action planning system.

“Convergent1 presents a great opportunity for SPARK to integrate its service offerings with our existing customers who need help with digital marketing,” said Robert Armbrister, CEO of SPARK Business Works. “We are also gaining even more momentum in Texas where we have existing customers and have seen growing demand driven by digitalization in construction and the need for custom software capabilities in other industrial markets.”

SPARK Business Works is a software development company specializing in custom data integration, applications, dashboards and workflow tools. SPARK enables customers to translate complex business requirements into efficient, user-friendly solutions by providing a business-first approach to software design and creation.

Convergent1 customers will be able to take advantage of SPARK’s capabilities for mobile data collection, automated back-office workflows, and custom reporting. “Savvy organizations know that operational efficiency is vital as demand for manufacturing, distribution and logistics grows,” said Ben ScardelloPresident of Convergent1.

The synergy between the services offered by SPARK and Convergent1 will enable seamless and personalized integration of their customers’ business data flow – linking marketing and sales data to operations, logistics, customer service or any other function that needs to be automated in based on their unique needs.

“Our team has deep experience updating legacy systems and connecting data from different workflows to ensure high end-user adoption across an enterprise,” Armbrister said. “We’ve invested heavily in user experience design, APIs, business intelligence, digital compliance, and many software areas where companies in traditional industries don’t have in-house experts.”

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SPARK designs and builds custom digital solutions for forward-thinking businesses, helping them translate complex business requirements into simple, user-friendly systems and tools. SPARK offers expert software design and development services and digital marketing solutions.

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