Startup Convo Ink launches content marketing attention metric

Aaron MacArthur.

Australian start-up Convo Ink has created an audience measurement metric for marketers and agencies.

The Quality Attention Score (QAS) is an algorithm that combines three basic indices for measurement: time spent in view, engagement and environment.

Aaron Macarthur, CEO of Convo Ink: “The big difference in our attention measurement is that we’re not just looking at siled factors like channel or environment.

“Our Quality Attention Score also analyzes how format and content combine to impact attention. This is a much more holistic view of the attention ecosystem.

“We’ve always believed in the power of great content. A story pitched to the right person is incredibly influential for advertisers. We’ve long seen a plateau in ad performance, but now we can determine the impact of a engaging content about an audience’s attention during a campaign period.”

Campaigns with Convo Ink, a content marketing engine founded in 2021, feature a dedicated content attention dashboard with a live data feed, allowing advertisers to dynamically optimize content.

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