Techtalk with Xenia Muntean on Content Marketing and Building Planable

“We see Planable as Figma for content marketing. And just like designers go to Figma to collaborate, work on and manage designs, get feedback on designs, but also create designs, that’s exactly what we see Becoming Planable – Xenia Muntean, CEO and Co-Founder of Planable

Xenia Muntean is CEO and co-founder of Planable, a content review and marketing collaboration platform used by more than 5,000 teams behind brands such as Hyundai, Christian Louboutin, Viber and United Nations. Before starting Planable, at age 20, she started a digital marketing agency and ran social media for clients such as Coca-Cola.

Xenia joins Ștefan Koritar in a friendly and honest discussion about content marketing and the creation of Planable, a platform that allows agencies and social media marketers to collaborate with their clients.

She offers us in-depth insights into Planable’s early days in Cluj-Napoca, how getting clients, building a team and the relationship between the co-founders were the main challenges before the first round of financing, the main functions and features of Planable, and how to say “No” and risk losing customers was a major decision in the development of Planable as a product. Xenia also gives us a glimpse into the future of Planable and her life outside of being a tech entrepreneur and startup founder.

Xenia Muntean was nominated on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and she spoke on the innovation stage at the Cannes Lions in 2018. She graduated from Tim Draper’s startup academy in Silicon Valley and she did pass Planable by the Techstars London accelerator in 2017.

She is also a writer, having published a book – The Manifesto on Content Marketing Teams, and the podcast host of People of Marketing.

Having him on the Techtalk podcast was inspiring. That’s why this episode is also a call to action to all Techtalk listeners who are invited to send us names of women who are building great things in business and in the tech community, in order to have them as our guests. , because we believe that more women in business would be a game-changer.

Log in to learn more about:

  • The 3 main challenges faced by Xenia before the first foundation round (min 03:00)
  • Early strategies and practices used to build seamless relationships with the entire team (min 05:00)
  • The story behind Planable (min 08:00)
  • What is Planable and what does Planable do? (min 12:30)
  • The main challenges of developing Planable as a product (min 14:45)
  • When did Xenia and her team know they had successfully adapted to the product market? (min 18:00)
  • Features Planable will build in the future (min 24:00)
  • 1st growth driver for Planable (min 26:00)
  • The AppSumo campaign and how it added value to Planable’s overall growth (min 29:20)
  • Challenges of being a female founder in the start-up ecosystem (min 36:40)
  • How Xenia disconnects from work and the start-up world (min 41:30)
  • Reasons to be grateful as she reflects on her entrepreneurial journey so far (min 46:15)

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Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media marketers to collaborate with their clients. Planable has created a tool that speeds up the management of social media campaigns and makes planning, viewing and approving social media posts easy and fun.

The tool works as a live mockup of the social feed, giving a familiar feel to clients and social media managers. You can add posts, view them and what the social media feed will look like, invite teammates and clients to collaborate in real time, get quick feedback where posts are, and get posts approved. With Planable, the approval workflow is simple and fast. Planable allows agencies to manage all of their clients and social media pages in one epicenter.

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