The 12 Disciplines of Digital Marketing


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Digital marketing as an overall industry has evolved to a place where when you step back, it doesn’t even look like marketing anymore. Even though the field has become very complex, the understanding of what or what is a marketer has not evolved in TT and poses major problems in the field.

You don’t have to go far to learn that digital marketing is one of the most misunderstood fields, just go to any job board and look at the job vacancies. , qualifications and what companies want to pay you to perform these roles. Absolutely nothing is lined up.

I looked at jobs that basically tried to combine digital marketing roles with photography, videography, customer service and I want you to be available 24/7 and pay was between 5 000 and 7000 dollars.

So, let’s break down the 12 disciplines of a digital marketer and look at some of the salary ranges you should be paid. If you’re a business owner looking to hire a digital marketer but can’t afford the salaries, I’ll give you some freelance marketplaces to find people who fit your budget.

Here are the 12 disciplines a digital marketer is expected to know and understand well, but need to specialize in two to four of these areas to help anyone.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Paid traffic or customer acquisition

3. Email Marketing

4. Optimization and testing

5. Ecommerce Marketing

6. Data and Analytics

7. Funnel Conversions

8. Search Marketing

9. Writing

10. Community Management

11. Social Media

12. Content Management

As a digital marketing strategist, you need to know all of these areas to help properly build a brand in today’s market.

How we sell, where we sell, how we research our market, how we communicate, everything has evolved but in TT we are still looking to create a static image and then run to FB/IG to click on the famous “Boost Post” then complain when we don’t get the desired results.

We must evolve if we want to grow our businesses!

To learn these skills, you can visit online schools like,, HubSpot Academy, SEM Rush Academy, and Yoast Academy to name a few resources.

The average annual salary of a digital marketer in the US is $60,000, in the UK it is £56,000.

Even though there are 12 disciplines that marketers are expected to know, that doesn’t mean one person does all of these tasks.

You may have an overall digital strategist who is responsible for creating your digital strategy, managing your research, planning your campaigns, and tracking/measuring your performance, but then you have someone who specializes in executing your paid marketing and creating your graphics/videos, SEO optimizations and so on.

Having one person to execute all areas of marketing is not only a recipe for burnout, but they won’t execute all areas at a high level and your business simply won’t grow… Is isn’t that the point of doing marketing in the first place?

Now, if you can’t afford to hire multiple people to perform the different roles, never fear.

This is why the freelance market has grown exponentially over the years. You can find professionals at all budget levels, but most importantly, it gives you access to talent from all over the world.

You can visit world famous platforms like Fiverr,, Toptal, Upwork and more to find amazing marketers who can help you grow your brands.

If you’re looking to support locals and want access to the best freelancers in the Caribbean, check out Workii, Wourkly or CheckWi.

Also, if you are a digital marketer and are depressed by local market salaries and industry misunderstandings, I want to remind you that you have one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry. remote work.

Feel free to join all freelance platforms, companies around the world will pay you through PayPal or Payoneer, so you won’t have any problems receiving payments.

Don’t limit yourself to working within TT, after all the cost of living is going up, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the local market to catch up to start getting paid your fair value today.

Start building your brand, leverage platforms like LinkedIn, and start connecting with the people who need your services. There is no shortage of opportunities or money when you ply your trade on the Internet.

I hope this gives both business owners and marketers some clarity on the field of digital marketing and I look forward to seeing the field grow in the TT.

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