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Jelly Academy supports small business hiring efforts with top-notch training for young people

Jelly Academy makes sure young Canadians have what they need to shine as the next generation of marketers. Canada’s best digital marketing boot camp gives students the tools, skills and confidence to support small businesses in BC. Students learn from industry gurus – online, in-person and via Zoom – who understand the Canadian market and are in the trenches to find out what works and what doesn’t. After six weeks, students receive micro-certificates from industry-recognized platforms, such as Hootsuite, Google, and Meta (Facebook).

“All of our instructors are industry practitioners, which means they live and breathe the tools and skills they teach in their day-to-day working lives,” says course administrator Chris Penner. “This means that they are constantly aware of changes happening in the world of digital marketing, such as changes in advertising policies, updates from Google, new features on social media platforms, etc. They are adjusting their lesson plans to recognize these changes and ensure students understand why they are relevant.”

jelly-3Jelly AcademyJelly Academy is the only school in Canada to help students earn 11 micro-certificates, which the industry requires of job applicants. In fact, micro credentials are essential for anyone looking to break into the digital marketing world or continue to advance their careers.

“For anyone who studied marketing in college or college, you know how great the theory and foundational marketing knowledge they give you is,” says Penner. “However, when you get started in the world of digital marketing, you can gain specific industry-recognized credentials that prove you have the skills to use the industry-standard tools that are needed to execute strategies, digital marketing tactics and campaigns.”

For example, for students who wish to become specialists in digital advertisements, it is crucial to acquire the Google Ads certifications, as well as the Meta (Facebook) Blueprint.

Jelly Academy is primarily aimed at high school students who are starting to think about what they are going to do after high school or those who have just graduated. Students also receive all class recordings.

jelly-2Jelly AcademyAdditionally, Jelly works with various Indigenous organizations, including the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, First Nations Technology Council, and others, to offer tuition at discounted rates to make the program more accessible to Indigenous peoples. natives of Canada.

“According to the Brookfield Institute, in 2019, 1.33% of tech jobs were held by Indigenous people,” Penner says. “That’s a statistic that we hope to help change with this initiative.”

Jelly Marketing has partnered with Best Buy Canada to help Indigenous students with a brand new laptop and cell phone, based on their tech needs.

“Through this partnership, we are working to provide more opportunities in digital marketing to marginalized groups and to remove the technical barriers that may exist when trying to enter the field,” Penner said.

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