The Future of Marketing Automation and Email Marketing | Meet the Analyst Webinar | February 10, 2022

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, Dave Frankland, our Principal Analyst, will discuss the top trends impacting a new wave of marketing automation and email marketing.

Join this live chat to learn:

  • How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategies to Meet the Demands of Today’s Customers, Prospects, and Privacy Regulators
  • Successes and Challenges of Marketing to Customers in the Age of Work from Anywhere
  • The New Wind of Email and Why You Need to Understand Its Critical Role in Identity
  • More! Brian Glover, Head of Product Marketing for Adobe Marketo Engage, joins the conversation


David Frankland is a Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence. He leads the Marketing Desk which provides research and analysis to CMOs and customer experience professionals. In previous roles, he has served as a management consultant, director of strategy, analyst and director of research, and head of corporate communications. He is co-author of “Marketing to the Entitled Consumer” and is a graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Stirling.

Brian Glover is Head of Product Marketing for Adobe Marketo Engage. Brian leads Adobe’s B2B marketing solutions, including Bizible and Adobe’s real-time customer data platform. These solutions help marketing teams orchestrate end-to-end customer engagement to drive and measure demand and growth. He most recently oversaw product marketing for Marketo and has spent over 20 years in marketing and product management roles.


Jeremy Goldman is Director, eMarketer Briefing at Insider Intelligence, focusing on customer experience and brand marketing, including email and SMS marketing, personalization, omnichannel and consumer attitudes. Prior to joining Insider Intelligence, Jeremy spent a decade as an agency founder, digital marketing writer and columnist for leading business publications.