titleLOOK adds marketing automation features

titleLOOK by Mainspring Services has expanded its platform’s marketing automation offerings with features that add customization options to the LOOK view and improve how users share, track and interact with digital title reports.

titleLOOK automatically links supporting documents to title undertakings and other title documents and creates a LOOK view to deliver title reports digitally.

New marketing automation features include advertising functionality. The ad suite includes in-platform space, interstitial modals, and flexible options in email sharing and tracking. titleLOOK also offers in-platform video and the ability for customers to embed their own resources, such as e-fraud warnings, helpful tips and explanations, forms and closing checklists. Custom buttons are also available, including social media links and a widget that integrates with complementary industry solutions such as Feedback Automatic, powered by TitleTap, to automate customer satisfaction surveys and share positive reviews.

“As a software-as-a-service solution, we’re always looking to bring options to market that look good to our customers and most importantly, provide automated tools to achieve their business goals,” said Matt Johnson, chief product strategy officer at Mainspring Services, in a statement. “These new features come from our own market research, but also from listening to feedback from our customers. titleLOOK has always been a game changer from a sales and marketing perspective in the way it delivers titles digitally, but These new features really help our development team worked hard to make this possible, and we’re excited to immediately offer these features to our customers.

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