Top 5 Marketing Automation Startups in India

Marketing automation is software that automatically manages (and therefore simplifies) marketing operations within multidimensional digital marketing campaigns. Email marketing and social media marketing are examples, as are live chats, website monitoring, and lead scoring. Marketing automation helps you achieve better results by streamlining your digital marketing activities, reducing human error, and streamlining your digital marketing initiatives. Instead of performing manual and repetitive operations, you can devote your time to more strategic tasks such as planning and design, setting objectives, research, maintaining brand consistency, measuring KPIs, etc

Marketing automation software automates operations by replacing manual and repetitive work. The software can handle operational and process-oriented tactical work, freeing up resources for marketers to focus on strategy, content, and creative problem solving. Marketing automation offers several benefits to businesses of all sizes. Prospecting, lead nurturing, customer acquisition, cross-selling and up-selling, and many other facets of digital marketing and selling are made easier.

Here are the top 5 marketing automation startups:


TechMahindra has launched Factoreal, a unique customer engagement and marketing automation platform to help brands increase digital engagement, mobile app usage, fan retention and marketing ROI. Built on advanced technologies, the platform combines innovation and expertise to help marketers keep pace in this ever-changing digital world. Factoreal was created to provide e-commerce business owners with an all-in-one digital marketing automation platform that allows them to create lifelong engagement with their customers by combining easy e-commerce integration, email marketing automation, social media marketing, paid marketing and customer journey. automation, personalization and segmentation in one simple and connected platform.

Factoreal makes the most of technology to make marketing easy and affordable for everyone. It is a self-service application that helps our customers improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.


WebEngage is a comprehensive marketing automation and customer data platform designed for consumer-facing organizations. Technology helps organizations build customer loyalty and drive incremental sales. WebEngage enables user engagement across multiple channels, such as web messaging (reviews, polls, and feedback), in-app messaging, push notifications, email, SMS, web push, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Additionally, WebEngage Journey Designer is a drag-and-drop user workflow builder that can be used to create multi-channel campaigns.


Neurotags believes in “connecting with the hearts and minds of customers”, and our technology and offerings are built around this concept. They collaborate with companies that share the values ​​and empower them through technology and knowledge. It is a collection of dedicated engineers, security specialists, marketing and sales professionals who have already achieved technological successes in different companies. Neurotags understand how technology can be used to digitally empower large-scale physical objects and achieve needed capabilities in the most efficient and convenient way for customers and businesses. They provide the BEST and latest scanning solutions in the world.

Digital branding

Digital branding helps in the development and establishment of brands in the digital, social and offline spheres. It is a group of management professionals, designers, engineers and financial advisors who work together to establish/revitalize SMEs and take them to the next level. They are pleased to be able to manage both physical and online engagements for our clients, effectively combining the two for urgent growth. Their staff have worked across multiple industries and functional areas in a variety of locations, allowing us to bring fresh ideas and strategic perspective to every engagement.

lead squared

LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution tool that helps companies increase sales, manage pipelines, and accurately attribute ROI to people, marketing activities, lead sources, goods and locations. The platform is designed to handle thousands of users, millions of leads and thousands of actions at the same time. LeadSquared is employed by corporations as well as small and medium organizations across various industries.