Top Digital Marketing Trends and Their Benefits to Watch in 2022

Martech Insights | Monday 01 August 2022

It’s easy to get distracted by flashy new digital objects. Marketers appreciate new trends and are on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and platforms. Nevertheless, the bulk of business development still relies on the essential tools of digital marketing.

FREMONT, Calif.: Digital marketing is in a persistent state of development and evolution, but 2022 is set to see huge changes. Businesses and brands must not only plan for the future of digital marketing, but also be prepared to take advantage of it. Here are some digital marketing trends to watch in 2022 and how marketers can take advantage of them.

Meta is ubiquitous: Facebook has changed its official name to Meta. Creating a name for the parent company is reasonable, but the selection is important. Facebook is making a big bet on the Metaverse, a word referring to virtual and augmented experiences. It is a substantial bet on the future of the web.

Influencers continue to multiply (even for B2B): The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $13.8 billion by 2021 and grow. Since the influencer endorses the product, influencer campaigns automatically convey context and relevance. B2B companies continue to embrace influencers; Adobe, SAP, GE and PWC have all embraced this trend.

Confidentiality is a difficulty in advertising: Modern digital advertisements rely significantly on data for automatic optimization. New privacy rules, such as the iOS update and the imminent elimination of cookies, have reduced the amount of data used in artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn develops and grows: LinkedIn remains a rising star in the digital industry. Quarterly growth in monthly active users and site engagement is substantial. Plus, they regularly release new features that improve business and page performance.

SEO is more integrated and less of a game: SEO is one of the first and most essential types of digital marketing. As search algorithms become smarter and more context-aware, marketers need to focus less on SEO “hacks” and “tricks” and more on delivering an exceptional and meaningful user experience.

Experiences are the new currency of society: Businesses continue to compete for word of mouth and social attention. As the advertising environment becomes increasingly crowded, earned media and word-of-mouth become increasingly crucial to breaking through.

The number of digital professions continues to increase: LinkedIn says digital talent is most in demand. However, there is a significant skills gap between the number of companies looking for digital talent and the capabilities available in the market.

Facebook (Meta) is going nowhere: There are a lot of headlines about people leaving Facebook, but Facebook is here to stay. Facebook has around 3 billion members and the number of users is growing every month.