Group Hosts Traveler Forum, Focusing on Content Marketing Innovation and Destination Development Group has been a key strategic partner in Changsha’s rapidly growing tourism development.

Changsha, China, – Group, one of the leading providers of online travel services, held its Travelers Forum (TF) in Changshathe capital of central China’s Hunan Province on August 18, 2022, focusing on travel content marketing innovation and destination development.

The Travelers Forum consists of three parts: the International Travelers Content Creators Forum, Travelers Night, and a Music Festival and Lifestyle Lounge. The forum provided cross-border communication opportunities for the tourism industry, experts, academics and travel content creators.

As a fast-growing travel destination, Changsha is popular among influencers and KOLs, attracting millions of travelers from home and abroad. Jointly hosted by the Changsha Municipal People’s Government, the forum shared Changsha’s development roadmap of creating a vibrant travel destination through travel content marketing, technology and resource integration.

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Joan Sun, The Group CEO commented, “Changsha has become an elegant tourist destination, not only because of its fascinating history and culture, but also because the city actively embraces innovation and creates famous products on the Internet. Changsha’s inclusiveness and diversity will attract wide attention and become a trendsetter.

Rungang Zhang, The Vice President and Secretary General of the China Tourism Association shared, “In recent years, with strong attention on the Internet, Changsha has quickly become a famous tourist destination on the Internet. Based on Changsha’s experience, I believe that the incubation and upgrading of travel content will be a pivot essential to the future development of the destination.”

Yong Tandeputy secretary of the Changsha Municipal CPC Committee, said: “With Group’s strong resource integration capabilities, Changsha is confident that it can further facilitate the transformation of tourism and ultimately build a solid international tourism destination.”

an event Group has been a key strategic partner in Changsha’s rapidly growing tourism development. Leveraging Group’s strong resource integration capabilities and content marketing strategy, the city rolled out various travel campaigns and products on Group’s platforms. For example, the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, together with the Group, launched consumer vouchers this year, accelerating the resumption of travel in the city. As part of the group’s rural revitalization plan, Group built a countryside retreat in the suburbs of Changsha in 2021. Just a week after the retreat was built, the number of bookings exceeded the same period last year.

The Group Traveler Forum was held in various cities across China, including Lijiang, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Guiyang, Anyang, and Sanya. More than 100,000 travelers have actively participated in the annual event, which has generated billions in online views.

With the recovery of tourism following the pandemic, the forum presented the content marketing strategy of the group. By bringing together high-quality content creators, hosting special activities, and making it easier for seasoned travelers to interact, Group aims to revitalize the tourism economy and reconnect with avid travelers in the post-pandemic era and beyond.