Why You Should Try Content Marketing

What do you sell? If your answer is boats, you’re not seeing big enough.

The answer I seek is trust. Especially for expensive items, you sell trust. You are selling the belief that you are a knowledgeable and knowledgeable professional who will help your client safely navigate the complicated journey of buying or selling a boat. You’re selling the belief that you’ll always have their best interests at heart, give them a lot, and make the process seamless and enjoyable.

How to sell trust? Much of the process has to do with how and how often you present yourself to the world. One way to do this is with content.

Why Content Marketing Matters

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less.” Content marketing is a customer-centric approach aligned with creating value for your target audience. It allows you to cross-promote your business through multiple channels.

For example, a post on your Facebook business page linking to your website is meant to grab a Facebook follower’s attention and drive them to your website to learn more about your business and hopefully see a call to action. To maximize your exposure and results, you need to post content across all channels of your digital footprint: your website, social platforms, email marketing, etc. You may or may not hear your phone ringing when posting your first piece of content, but if you create and promote it effectively, you will potentially gain notoriety, admiration, and respect. If you do it enough, you will inevitably win customers. I speak from experience.

For every brand, your content is your value. What you share with the world shows your customers and prospects why they should do business with you. The more content you share, the more value you provide. You gain visibility with your target audience and build trust as a resource and authority in your industry. The more you present yourself as an expert, the more credibility and legitimacy you build.

Value-driven content is important for 2022. With an overwhelming amount of information online, people are being cautious about the type of content they consume. When marketing to a small demographic of boat owners, buyers, and enthusiasts, you need to make sure you stand out from your competition. You need to provide valuable content that affects and improves their lives.

Videos are the most effective method to get your message across. They create an emotional response and a connection. Most people prefer video over text on a page because most people are very visual. Especially for the maritime industry, where you’re selling a lifestyle, video content is perfect for keeping your audience engaged.

Consumers are also keen to share values ​​with the people and brands they interact with. They care about brands that genuinely speak of social responsibility. A recurring theme I see in the industry – and for good reason – is sustainability.

How to start

There are three essentials of content marketing. First, you need to be consistent. Like most things in life, it takes time and effort to get results.

Second, create a plan that makes your content work harder for you. Include links from each piece of content to your website to promote your contact information and your business.

Third, change it, review the results, repeat. Your content should be a mix of visuals and text, videos, infographics, an image carousel. See what type of content your audience engages with the most and move on.

Some ideas to start: a video presentation of a list of boats; an interview with a partner or boss; a product review; a digital flyer for an upcoming event; a question-and-answer session with a first-time boat buyer; a message with an update about your company or business; an article you liked; a blog post about your favorite places to visit; a testimonial from a satisfied customer; an interesting quote related to the industry.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” posted by Bill Gates in 1996 on Microsoft’s website. I prefer the apt phrase “content is the kingdom”. It’s all we consume, and its importance is immense, especially for your business.

Becca Eisenberg is the founder of ex.plo.re, which helps yacht brokers generate online leads and manage their brand.

Becca Eisenberg is the founder of ex.plo.re, which helps yacht brokers generate online leads and manage their brand.

This article originally appeared in the June 2022 issue.