With the launch of Campaigner, Ziff Davis brings hugely powerful marketing automation software to Newcastle – Newcastle Magazine

Ziff Davis, the billion-dollar New York-based digital media and internet company known for brands such as Moz, SMTP.com and Kickbox, is launching a branch of its Campaigner integrated marketing automation tool in Newcastle.

Campaigner is a powerful multi-channel marketing automation platform that provides tools for email and SMS marketing, customer journey automation, conversion tracking, and Reputation Defender.

With offices around the world, Campaigner’s new home in Newcastle will mark its first serious entry into the UK market. Focused on sales support, customer service and marketing, the Newcastle office is currently operational remotely and will soon become a full-fledged field office in the Royal Quays Business Centre.


Campaigner combines email and SMS marketing for greater engagement

While its founding date of 1999 is an old, large-scale Internet story (five years before Facebook, six years before YouTube, and seven years before Twitter), Campaigner is a relatively new brand for the venerable Ziff Davis, founded in 1924 .

Campaigner’s Newcastle office will be their first entry into the UK. This is a huge opportunity for UK businesses to leverage SMS marketing, an underutilized tool for many local businesses, and benefit from the support of a dedicated local team.

Integrated SMS marketing is up to 6x more powerful than email marketing alone

Marketers familiar with messaging best practices will likely be exposed to database segmentation, scheduled deliveries, signup forms, and drip campaigns, all of which are services offered by Campaigner. But many email marketers completely overlook the power of SMS to improve their campaigns through multi-channel marketing.

While it’s not uncommon in the world of email marketing to see open and click-through rates in the single digit percentages, nearly 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery. .

When you consider that people check their phones an average of 85 times a day, it’s no surprise that Campaigner users see up to 6x more conversions and sales when they incorporate SMS into their email campaigns. -mail.

With powerful customization available to make your messaging targeted and accessible, this is a powerful tool that local businesses should take note of.


Are you personalizing your customer journey?

Imagine being able to trace your customer journey on a simple and intuitive visual interface. You can review key opportunities and drop points, and customize your message based on customer readiness.

If you experience dropouts, you can schedule an SMS message to encourage people to come back to your store and make a purchase. Or you can choose timely email reminders based on actions taken by a customer, such as items in their cart. Campaigner’s workflow automation tools give business owners the power to precisely calibrate their messaging across multiple marketing channels.

If you’re not tracking conversions, you’re marketing in the dark

In an old business adage, a marketing manager tells a co-worker, “I know half of our marketing budget drives results, but I don’t know which half!” »

This marketer was clearly not a Campaigner user. Their conversion tracking tool allows you to measure the true impact of your campaigns through a mix of total conversions, conversion value, and conversion frequency. This way, you’ll know exactly which automated workflows bring you value and can make targeted improvements to boost your revenue and performance.

Take care of your business with Campaigner’s Reputation Defender

The average mailing list loses its value by 30% every year. People change their email addresses, which leads to increased bounce rates. Some people unsubscribe and others, more damaging, use the “report spam” button. Still others create “honeypot” email accounts, specifically designed to trick businesses that don’t follow email best practices into (accidentally or otherwise) sending unsolicited email, so that they may complain of spam or worse.

Fortunately, Campaigner has your back. Their Reputation Defender tool is a premium service that scans your subscriber list and automatically flags suspicious emails for deletion.

Competitive prices for the UK market

Campaigner’s long-awaited entry into the UK means local businesses can avail of plans from just £42 per month. With a number of different options and packages available, you can select the pricing tier that best suits your budget and business goals, and test the product out with a 30-day free trial.

A leading marketing tool from a prestigious company at the top of its game, Campaigner is an exciting new addition to the local business landscape. Restaurants and pubs that want to build a database of informed customers about specials and events, stores that want to incentivize repeat purchases, e-commerce operations that want to run sophisticated targeting campaigns, and digital marketers who want to build a community and grow their followers, Campaigner has the cutting-edge solution you’re looking for.